Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Everythigs goes green………..

well~Is friday today,
and thats mean "time to chnage  background" ha ha!
Sounds strange?na~~
I always do that when is friday~^^
cause I hate things that always being same~
don’t you think that is so boring?

well whatever~
I’ve just  chnaged my friendster backgouund~

an d this week’s thme will be "green",
cause I think that green might be good for eyes..
(my eyes feel sick because of looking at the computer scerrn for a long time..T^T)

and this is how the background picture looks like this week..


very  Miyazaki feel isn’t it?^^
and it feels relax~
hope you enjouy "staring" at it then~^^


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