Life is like walking on a tightrope…


I’m quite happy today cause I received a gift from Harumi-cahn ^^

Let’s talk ’bout the gift..
I’m very suprice when she give that thing for me cause today is not my birthday ..
My birthday has already passed on month ago..o.0..

Is a very cute & lovely Kikumaru key chain  she give me~
love it very much and I’lll keep it nice and save haha~~

she told me that she  found it yesterday at the shopping mall,
& she thought that was Atobe~
(Atobe was my fav character in P.O.T..)
and she think it was very cute & I’ll like it so she buy it for me~~
but still,thank you very much~^^

and this is how the key chain looks like~

so cute isn’t it?^^


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