Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Immortal ~


I don’ t mean to scare you by the music ~
I just wanna make it match the post & theme..^^
I likes things that bring goth feelings~
especially vampire,cause Gothic links with vampires..
(I do really think like this..)

just now,I was watching a vampire movie – "Interview with the vampire"
staring by Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt~

My sis was watching "Gossip Girl" beside me with using her laptop..
but she stop after she saw Pitt..
We was freak out & then we non-stop laughing..
Because he looks weird & funny with his flouncing costume…

My sis said:
"hey,don’t ‘cha think that he looks like "Van Helsing" more then a vampire?"
"Maybe they should change someone to play this role..Johnny Depp may suit ~ haha!"
this makes me laugh ’till cry…

he do really looks like a vampire killer more then a vampire~
& Johnny Depp do really looks like Count Dracula..

Here is the reason that we think Brad didn’t look like a vampire:

1.Classic vampires are with gold or black hair & blue,red or gold eyes..
*he is not.I mean his hair part..*

2.Sharp noses.
*na…not quite*

3.Handsome & charming
*na~he’s just too man for me.."

(just for our opinion..sorry if you’re a fans of his..please don’t be mad )

He just doesn’t have the temperament to be a vampire.. 
Maybe he will be more better to hunt a vampire then being a vampire..haha~~

Kristen Dunst is one of the casting..
I think she do really well in that movie~
Seems she was still a young girl that time,
she can act really good.
She do really proof her good acting skills~
Nice job Kris! (~_^)>

well,I do enjoy that movie~
It had a sad end..
Cause everyone dies except Brad. & Tom.

I always dream to become a vampire cause their life have no time limit..
if they can die so easily I’ll never ever wanna be one of them any more..=.="

*Hey,I have a question..
do vampires die so easily just by burning or chopping them to half?
 I don’t think they scared sun light too…
I thought live immortal…o.0?
Kind ‘da funny right?*

My conclusion,

There is no life can be immortal I guess…
even vampires will lost their breath one day…

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