Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Spending My Holidays With…

Guess what,
I’m spending the first 3 day of my holidays on reading "Harry Potter"
& watching "Harry Potter" & Tim Burton’s movies because my computer harmed by virus…
*my bro was kinda "in love" with Allen Rickman’s acting..=.=*

"how sad.."my mum said..
 she is kinda making fun of me because she saw
I was so free reading novels but not sitting in front of the computer …=.=

& yes,indeed~
I have more time to look for my missing movie DVD "Perfume"..
because a teacher of mine was talking ’bout it & makes my classmate very interesting with it.. 
and this reminds me this movie actually "exist" before in my house and now it was missing…
*I do really wonder where it goes..*

my bro & mom was also kinda interest with that movie because they saw I non-stop looking for it…
and this makes me nervous..
and it means that I have to find it before they do…
because that movie is not open to every age..=.=

P/s: only me & my dad know what that movie talking ’bout…
my mum will definitely kills me when she finds out…
*keep our dirty little secret dad~haha!*

well I can say~actually "Perfume" was a nice movie..
watch it,
only when you’re 18 (~_^)>


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