Life is like walking on a tightrope…

German Knuckles……?

My dad always come out things strange & funny when he was drunk~
Just like yesterday…

When are at the dinner table,
he said this to my bro:-
Boy,you want to eat German Knuckles?
If you do,I’ll buy for you tomorrow~

My bro said:-
No!I don’t eat pork!But why?

Hey,you know why Roger Federer is so strong?
ha ha!
Because he eats many German Knuckles…^^

My sis:-
Huh? I thought he is a Sweden…?

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
You know why Williams sisters is so strong~
Because they also eat a lot of German Knuckles…
So,if you eat German Knuckles~
You will be strong like them.^^
And you can win all your tennis match and become world number 1!
Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

Me,my sis & bro:-
Dad,we don’t play tennis…=_=”l………

P/s: Does German Knuckles really makes people become strong..?


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