Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Spend Holidays with my “Butler”…haha!

Just started another short holiday for one week~
How are you doing?
Is raining season here…
But still,
I like the weather~^^
I’m still having an exam next week.
Started with the subject I hate the most – mathematics
hum…hope will end soon~
I was watching Japanese & Korean drama this days~
And I found that all their stiries are about butler~
Is that the most popular trend in nowadays?
but i think the butler inside  this 2 drama is not  charming at all~
As compared each other with their manga & my fav manga – bluck butler.
I feel,even I don’t like Sabestian but still,
Sabest-chan,you are the one an only butler that I recognized~
And you are the best of the best~
Come serve me…my dear butler~♥
P/s:Just kidding^^
guess what drama am I watching~
here is the clue:
Jp drama:
Fujiko:Netsu chii…awww~~♥
haha~I didn’t mean to make it so Echii^^
Kr drama:


Ya! KANG HAN NA!!!!!!!!!!!*angry*

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