Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Fall Open~

Fall Open!
Finally,is Halloween!
Halloween is one of my favorite festival.
Because I can get free candies~

Actually Halloween was not celebrated in Malaysia.
But now,some of the people out side was started to celebrate it.

My family celebrate it last 3 years.
But this year Halloween was not celebrated..
Because my mum forget to buy pumpkin ..?=.=
No,actually I should be on party now with my sis~
HELP University Collage hosted a Halloween party this year,
but my sis change up her mind not to go because is raining out side…=.=

What a rainy day it was to day,
is getting cold out side..

It brings more spooky & lonely feeling in the atmosphere ~
I hope I can go out to knock others door asking for candies~
But I can’t,
because people here don’t…

I was having a weird dream last night..
It was full of fun & adventure in the dream~

Without Tim Burton’s Halloween movie,
Kinda makes me feel this year Halloween is a bit lonely…

I don’t know are you celebrating Halloween or not..
But still,wish you a having a Happy Halloween ..

Good Night.


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