Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Pants VS. Skirts

Last month,
I have receive a warning latter from the Mayer in pet society…
it said I’ve against the rules..
I has to confess I actually didn’t do any things,
just I really don’t understand..
Is that any big deal for male to wear a skirt?!==
the law does not says that guys can’t wear skirts! 
why can’t they just open their mind a bit and accept it~

Didn’t they know what is "草食女娇男”?
Japanese teens call that a fashion trends..
nowadays some of the male artist in Japan,
they just dress like a girl everyday..

I’ve a very good example:
This is Bou from An Cafe..

"she" is actually a GUY~

don’t sweat….
Japanese usually do crazy things~==

But at least they didn’t ban my account…….

I think my pet is more cute when I dress him in skirt^^

here is the mad hatter(my sis’s pat) & the queen of hearts(my pet)
*both of them are male…*


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