Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Travel to Peneng Island

Finally,I’m home~
Just come back from Penang Island,
and guess what~
I’m having lots of fun.^^

This time,
we are travailing with my uncle’s(my dad’s youngest bro) family.
My family & I was staying at my uncle’s house(he bought a house in rich==).
My aunt was born in Penang,
so both of them became our tour guide for 2 & a half days.

 & here goes our travel story:

There’s mist every where…
We start our journey on the early morning(5.00a.m.)
Maybe is too early,
on the highway to Ipoh,there is mist every where.
It give an illusion too me like I’m going to Genting.LOL~

Hey!There’s a big" Ipod" sign here!
When we reach Ipoh,
there was a big sign on the mountain.
That time,my bro was playing his NDS..
My sis ask him
"Hey boy,how do you pronounce the word on the sign?"
He turn his head off from hid NDS for 1 or 2 second..
Then he said
"Ai yo!Ipod lah!"
& back to his game.
The whole car are laughing
because he mistaken " Ipoh" into "Ipod"…
Am I in a different dimension or what?
It takes us 4 hours to reach Penang..
The 1st place we "visit" was the food cord~
We try to order things to eat but it wasn’t this easy because
the hawker are all Hokkienese & we don’t speak Hokkien…
We try to speak Chinese but they seems like don’t understand…T^T
Just like we are in a different dimension..==

Crab in armor?!
After we have visit many places,
it was time to take our lunch~
 & one of the dishes looks like a crab in armor ..
I don’t know what its name is but it’s egg taste nice.^^

You want to be Tarzan?
After lunch,
we went to the beach..
There was a tree house,
my bro & my uncle’s daughters they just get so excited when they saw it~
They keep swinging around using the rope that hangs on the tree like Tarzan~==
3 monkeys…==

This is girls private property..
Well,when a girl meets another girl,
they will start talking ’bout boys..
We when to uncle’s house at ’bout 6p.m.
After we take our shower me & my sis was free,
we was sitting on the bed & chatting..
Then,there come our 2 little cousin~
We was talking ’bout boys..
My uncle’s big daughter was telling us that one of the boy from her class was very
arrogant has picked to preform Super Juniors song "Sorry Sorry" on the graduation day..
& suddenly,my bro came in,

& she stop her story and shout
"This is girls private property,if you wanna join you must wear skirt!"
Poor boy….LOL

So not romantic at all..==
At night,
we went to a old hotel (is a 5 stars hotel,& is a hundred years old..)
That hotel was located beside the beach.
& there is a live band singing song..
It suppose to be very romantic but there is a group of people screaming & singing there..
so not romantic..==

we head back after we finish our drinks~
PS:The hotel is actually very nice & beautiful,because it was a Colonialism building..
it just makes you feel like you are in Europe.^^
This are the picture:

I make the 2nd 1 monochrome,is actually in white..
Day one,

One response

  1. 木之本

    nextime we go 2gether …..loli love travel vry well~so jeolous ur holiday have so much fun o!!

    December 20, 2009 at 12:46 pm

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