Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Travel Story pt.2

In the morning…
We get our break first in an old kopi tiam near the market in the early morning.
After eating,we just shop around the market.
My little cousin told me the market was her favorite place.
But I do saw something very interesting which is a T-shirt,
it caught my eye sight.
There’s words on the T-shirt,it said:

“Emo is just an excuse
for boys to act like girls.”

Totally agree~
But is actually quite interesting to shop in the market..^^

Peneng RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE?????
After the “market shopping”~
We when to the biggest reservoir in Peneng for a morning walk~
(I actually went to this place few times before when I was really small..
& actually it was one of my favorite place in Peneng because I like the beautiful view.^^)
There’s a small waterfall at the opposite side form the place where we park our car,
so we decided to walk to another side of the reservoir to have a close look to the waterfall..

When we reach,the only thing that we saw was pipes..
Lost of water pipe..
The waterfall is actually man made..==
So we decided to walk back,
then we saw my mum was staring at some things..
& my aunt was throwing rocks to the water..
We ask:
what are u two doing here?
My mum:
there was a turtle eaten by a big lizard..
you guys have miss the live show~^^
I’m trying to rescues the poor turtle..
Maybe the turtle now already reach heaven.
Why don’t you just give up~LOL!
(Ha ha!This is which I call it a reservoir chronicle~^^)
We left after the we reach the end of the road.
Head to the next place!Yeah~

Sorry Sorry Naega naega naega meonjeo…

We leave the reservoir and heading to our next destination:-
(The Ji le Temple something?
I’m not sure what it calls in English…sorry~==)
I was walking around with my cousin.
The temple has change much seems the last time I came.
They have made another bigger statues.
& they even add a cable car to reach the top of the temple..==
Suddenly she stop and turns away..
“what’s wrong..?” I ask.
“remember the ‘Sorry Sorry Guy’ I tell you yesterday,I think I just saw him..”She said.
“really?”I said.
“but just only his back,I’m not very sure..”she answer.
“which one?”I ask again.
“the one in super man T-shirt””Oh!”(the guy turns back.)”Is really him!”She said.
“You know what,I call this fate.Maybe he is your destiny child~LOL!^^”
I was laughing at her & singing the ‘sorry sorry’ song.
“ewww…”her respond.
Hey!Where is the Sun Yat-sen mansion??
We left the temple after a few hours
& my uncle said he wanted to bring us to
a place near Sun Yat-Sen mansion to have our lunch.
We can eat nice chao kui tiao there~
But sadly,that day was a bike racing day.
Many rode has been close for the race~
Even get lost on this small island..==
But still,I really enjoy sitting inside the car & t
taking photos of the old buildings on the streets.
All this picture are taken after we passes a street named:
I don’t know what it means..==
a weird name..
This is St. George church.
I think is the most Gothic church they have in Peneng..
I don’t know what is this but I just surprise when
I saw that Peneng have a clock tower..
We passes this old houses when we get lost..==
The Legendary Nyonya Kuih
We change our mind going to the Sun’s mansion,
so we have our lunch at the store.
My aunt said that there was a famous nyonya kuih store only opens
at 3:30p.m. everyday.
(is kind ‘da weird to open store like this time..o.0?)
So,we just wait there like half an hour..
And there goes,
lots of people standing there even the owner haven’t reach here yet..
(hey,I’m not lying~here is the picture..)
But after we test it,
is like addicted..

Just can’t help falling in love with the kuih~~
(how good it is?Why dont ‘cah go try yourself~_^)
We ROCKS the night!!!

At night,
we went to Hard Rock Hotel after we have our dinner.
There is actually nice place for people in all age.
There is a live band singing songs by Elvis,Elton John…
Yup!All 70th~^^
But we have lots of fun there~
We even take picture with”Michel Jackson”.
Ha Ha!

Say hello to Elvis.

Live band preforming..

who’s costume are those?

Ps:We actually went to another hotel name Golden Send before we go back to uncle’s home.
But there’s nothing fun so after we had our drinks we just went back~^^

Home sweet Home
The next day,
we get up really early to head on the road back home.



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