Life is like walking on a tightrope…

A chain of short stories about their distance…

5 centimeter per second,a speed that cherry blossom petals fall…

Have you ever heard before a animation movie name
“5 centimeter per second” (Byousoku 5 centimeter)?

I’ve heard it long time ago but I don’t have chance to watch it..
Until yesterday,I saw some one was selling it at the night market (ha ha~ain’t original~==)..
So I brought one back..(I brought Gundam 00 too..That’s the original one..So expansive~T^T)

Before I watch the anime,
I was imagining how beautiful the view in the anime will be..
(because I heard someone said the view they draw in the anime is really beautiful..)

After I finishing watching it,
here is the conclusion:

The drawing of the view is fantastic,beautiful,gorgeous!
There’s sakura petals flying every where in the first story “sakura shou”~
Nice background music.
How romantic..

’bout the story..
(I don’t like love story~)

But is actually a good anime movie,
I mean if you like love story or love novel~
you can still watch it~^^


One response

  1. 木之本

    wah~so nice de sakura!!really romantic leh…..

    December 29, 2009 at 10:09 am

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