Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Halloween Town Vs. Lunatic Town.

I was listening Doujin music this days~
& I found something very interesting yesterday..

I’ve download a doujin album named – "骨懂店" (Mystique) yesterday.
There’s a doujin song inside call "Welcome to the Lunatic Town!"
and I don’t know is because it was a doujin music or is just a coincidence..
This song sounds just like Danny Elfmen’s "Halloween Town"…==
But I can’t call them a copy cat because is was a "Doijin work" ..

Guess I still need time to adapt it~

This is what I’m listening this days:~

palette ~人々が愛した幻想郷~
my favorite song in this album is 桜花之恋塚,
is a nice music^^
This is how the album look like:~

骨董店 『Mystique』
Track3 is the song that sound very familiar like "Halloween Town".
Ps:It has a nice album cover~^^

This is  2nd Douijn album.
Is by Touhou TAMUSIC.
Love the piano~
HAMELN is the first doujin album I get.
The intro of this album makes
me fall in love with doujin music~^^


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