Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Karaoke Season Start! XD~

The Gendou Idol Season 5 is now open 4 sign up until this month ends…
& I was there to listen the contestants singing~
(I’m the karaoke ver. song uploader~Just kidding,
there are hundreds of songs uploader in Gendou,I’m just one of them.XD)

Most of the songs I choose to listen comes out with something
horrible and I think if the original artists listen it,
 it can really freak them out…

 There are still some who have a nice voice that I think will win~
& here it is(try to listen it,they are good~^^):

(she switch her sound really good..)
Es 〜Dirty Aspiration〜 
(she rocks the house!)

The most I like was this:
Jellyfish no Kohaku
Kobato’s ED song but is in Spanish.
I actually download it because this girl’s singing is really great!
She was my favorite among this 160 people…

Good luck to all the contestant.

The voting is finely starting~hehe! 😛


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