Life is like walking on a tightrope…

The Best Animated Feature Film Awards Goes To….

I’ve being lazy this days to upload my blog,
because I don’t know what to write..
Even there are many things happen in my daily life~

Today what I wanted to write is actually about the Oscar..
Just now I was watching Oscar..
Actually I don’t watch Annual Academy Awards,
except when Tim Burton is nominated~
& my favorite category is
“The Animated Feature File & The OST Awards(Music)”

& I remember there is one time that
Tim Burton (Corps Bride) & Miyazaki Hayao (Howl’s Moving Castle)
was nominated in the same category :-
The Animated Feature Film..
But both of them didn’t win but “A Curse Of Were Rabbit” walks away with the Awards..
I was so so so so so up sad~T^T

But this time is special~
I watch because “Coraline” was nominated for the Animated Feature Film…
(The anime is so Tim Burton style & I just falling in love with it~^^)

And then..
At the End..

The Awards goes to:-

Ps:Aww~Not again..= =


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