Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Is time to…Start The Show!

If you ever read "Detective Conan"..
then I’m very sure you have also know about the
Phantom Thief – Kuroba Kaito (a.k.a: The Magician Under The Moonlight) .

I’ve just finish watched "Kid the Phantom Thief" few minutes ago~
& found out that the animation is actually not bad.
(so much more better then Conan >-<..)
They have change some of the story lines but is still ok~
I’m quite happy for Yamaguchi cause in "Detective Conan" he don’t have much lines,
(even he was then CV of 2 character~LOL!)
but now he can say as much as he can until the story ends..
(because he was the main character~^^)

I do really expect much ’bout this anime,
hope the production team won’t disappoint me & end the story well~

Is Time To Start The Show..


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