Life is like walking on a tightrope…

The coolest b-day present EVER!

Ok,actually b-day is on 7th of this month
but my friend give me the present early cause 7th is a holiday~
I was curious what my BFF Fo Thing give me,
so I open her gift when she give it to me at school..

Guess what~
She give me a handmade white Mokona model
which is made by paper & by herself!
This is the coolest b-day gift from my friend I ever get~!

I was so happy & shock,
I was speechless that time & I 4get to tell her thank you~
many of our friends & classmate
was taking picture of that mokona at the time I show it to one of my friend~

& today,my family went to Berjaya Time Square,
& my sis bought me a furry hat at the Visual Kei store – I-SOCKS.
*which Seliana(the teddy bear) was wearing*
& finely I become one of the member of I-SOCKS~
I bought a lace furry bag & a black rose ring for myself…

& my mum was there seeking Lolita maid dress for me~XD
But at the last she said:
"I buy 1 from Japan 4 you lah~!"
(hm..seems like my mum can
accept this kin’da fashion trend hur?
I thought she will said
"how come children from now a days
like to dress their self like going to the Halloween party everyday?!" )

my dad bought me the Kobato OST  & DVD
to complete my CLAMP anime collection~
thanks dad~XD

*this are the girls that work at the I-SOCKS shop,
their very friendly & funny.Is nice to chat with them~XD*

*The VIP member card of I-SOCKS..
also a give from myself~XD
(I register my name as "Yuu"..
but is kin’da strange when
they call me "Yuu-san"..=.="l) *

At last~
Thank You for all of you guys!
love you all~
oh yeah~
u saw tat purple candy bottle at the left?
tat was my favorite candy~
try it,
It’s really nice~XD


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