Life is like walking on a tightrope…

FIFA:대한민국Wins~! ( Did I write it correctly?I’m not good in Korean~XD)

lets starts the story~

I went to Ampang 2 days ago
with my sis,bro & my sis friends.
At the first we was just there to have our dinner & then~
That day become a unforgettable night!!!

I’m a bit high now..
‘Cause I’m so happy~XD

This is the first time I went to a Korean restaurant..
& guess what,
they have an event hosted at the street which
was cheer for the Korea football team~
& also me first time to watch football at street with so many people~

Now,here are some photos:

This "Ajashi" (means Uncle in Korean..I think he’s a Korean..)
likes my bro very much..He just keep making fun &
playing with my bro that day cause in our table,
my little was the only "Opa" (means Brother in Korean but only use on girls to call boys.)

This are what we order that day~XD

My sis (left) & her Vietnam friend(right)~

Yeah~Korean BBQ!

After we finish our dinner,
we went out to the restaurant &
join the other supporters on the street~

It was actually raining but we still staying down to cheer~
Park Ji-Sung~
Korea Fighting!!! XD


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