Life is like walking on a tightrope…


This August is really a sad month hm..

I am not a big fans of Versailles but
I just attracted by their look
 since my bro love Hizaki very much
so we started to listen to their music..

But I found out that,
their music was really not my cup of tea..XP
However,I really like the way they dress & they style.
Now I end up falling in love with their looks~XD

My bro likes Hizaki but I like Jasmin’s style~
because Hizaki is like more cute,pink & girly.
But Jasmin was like more sexyer & mysterious.
& he had a same name with me..

But it was really sad to tell that he dies year ago on the August 3…
R.I.P Jasmin Yuu..

We miss you so much..


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