Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Sick of Shopping?

I was really dying of sick this morning..
My headache was killing me and I still keep coughing everyday and night..T^T

Yea, I know I need sleep and rest but I still go shopping in TS with my mum
cause she wanna go oversea with my dad tomorrow morning
luckily I didn’t get killed by my headache~>.<
But honestly,
yea~ shopping makes me felt better..XDD

she was there in “Winter Time” wasting time wondering which to buy and
there was an old white lady standing beside her putting her thumbs up and
said :”nice!for you girls you’ll never find those colour out there…”
Will..I really don’t know what the second sentence means,
but I thanks for her finely I can leave the shop~XD

Oh~I bought a lace skirt in I-Socks.
& I took this when I was waiting the staff to get me a new one..
Ya ya~I know you are laughing..=3=
because I was laughing at myself at the moment too..
Yea..Is really stupid..I know. LoLx!!!!!!!!


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