Life is like walking on a tightrope…

It’s been so long..~♪ XD

It’s been so long that I’ve stopped
listening to all those Rock Metal English songs~
I’ve miss all those songs and band so much…

Ps:My teacher call those
“negative issues that make kids turns angels to demons”<–
I really bull shit  disagree with her
because those songs actually makes me inprove my English so much
& befor than my English was suck as hell.

& now I’m trying to catch up all the things I’ve missed~>.<
(I just knew Ryan have actually left P!ATD 4 days ago..
& he already left the band for 2year..
look how outdate am I..=.=)

Now I looked back,
I’ve found out that I was actually one of those emo punk kids..
& I’ve left the emo me behind for 4 year~

But now,I’m BACK! XD
add me on Buzznet if you have one too~


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