Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Who is she? Seiyuu(voice actor) or AV Joyuu (adult video actress)??

My bro met an AV joyuu (adult video actress) in Ameba Pigg!!!
here is the story:-
Me & my bro was playing Ameba Pigg together.We was chatting with a friend at 1st but suddenly we saw a female Pigg with star on top her head.
I checked her profile and found out her name was Koma Marie.
So I try to told to her.I know she was having her 1st single realest today and her ask us to listen to her song..
Guess what,we click on her official web and watched her video and inside the video she keep showing her panty..In the last scene,SHE TOOK ALL HER SHIRT OFF…OMFG!this is the link:-
(b4 u watch it make sure u are above 18!!!!!!>.<)


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