Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Idols vs. Fans

ok,I believe everyone have their own
favorite singer,artist,actor,actress,band and whatever
as your,mine or his/her idol right?

Since now a days we have internet,
and this have push our relationship with all this artists
become closer and more closer~
playing games together,
reading their blogs,tweeting them and blah blah blah..
I know some of u guys out there are actually very close friend with them.XD

ok,back to our topic..
since I started to use ameba jp,
I’ve met many artist online..
so far,they are all very friendly to me~

but yesterday,
one of my friend told me she had a fight with a
lead singer from a VERY famous japanese visual kei band on facebook
because of some illegal download problem..
Ps: sorry,cant tell who he is but you can guess with this clue:-
they were formed in 2002
& they’ve just released their latest single album few days ago..
1st,my friend dont believe he is real but he keep proving he is~
so in ur opinion,you can choose to believe it or not..

I read their conversation and I can really feel that that guy was really angry.
but as he said he was an artist,
dont he suppose to listen to his fans whats the reason they go illegal download?
and from the way he talks (write) doesn’t show any respect..
he just gone really mad and started to scold my friend.

[this is part of our conversation after the fight..
we are discussing about the identity of that person is he real or not.]

but as an artist,
dont he knew fans are everything to them?
without fans all this pop idol are just nobody~
and that stupid dump just keep being rude..

what if he is a fake,
this will gone more worst because if anyone believes he is real,
and seeing him being so rude to a fans,what will other fans thinks ’bout him?
he’ll make that innocent band losing their fans..

so as conclusion,the most impotent things to an idols/artist..
without us,they are nothing…no matter who is wrong and who is right,
they should respect each other…
and last,hope that guy was just a bullshit that trying to pretend to be he is a real..


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