Life is like walking on a tightrope…

DIY Lolita Bracelet ♥

My friend told me she will be going to a Halloween party
and she can’t find anythings to wear(she a plus size girl).
So,I ask her to wear anything she likes (is fine,even T-shirts can do~)
as long as you have some cool accessory(porps?XD) on you …

But she said:
“no…I don’t have any of them..”

Ok…Never mind~
That’s why I’m here to give (any of you) some ideas
to make your own gothic (lolita) bracelet if you don’t want to buy one.=)

What you need is a bunch of lace,beads,pins & ribbon~
any colors will do,I always go for classic black & white. XD
then, wrap it anyway you want on your wrist..
Pin it up & you are finish!

Taa Daa!
This is how mine looks.. =D

Pretty cool hm?
Try it~ You’ll love it!

Ps: well erm.. even tho i know how to make one…
but still,it doesn’t stop me on buying it…XD


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