Life is like walking on a tightrope…


Hanami season!
Is time for Cherry Blossom background!
Since I’m looking for nice Cherry Blossom picture,
then let’s talk ‘bout Cherry Blossom.

I’ve never been to Japan,
but I know Japan quite well from watching anime
since I was …5 I guess…hm…I can’t remember.
My parents always bought me little present if they went over sea to Japan.

I have a few Sakura picture in my comp,
took by my parent few years ago when they went to Tokyo.

I don’t think is nice enough to make it a background picture
‘cause it was took before it’s full bloom.
So I try to search on web see if I can get any nicer picture from other photographer.

There are so many kinds of Cherry Blossom trees but among all of them,
but I think Weeping Cherry Trees is the most beautiful~
Weeping branches with full blooming bright pink flowers.
Just imagine, when the wind blows, petals flow in the air like snow fall~
how beautiful.

I found few pretty picture from some Japanese sites & blogs~
most of the picture was took at Tokyo’s Rikugien Kouen(六艺園).
I toned up the color because some of the picture was a bit dark.

My mom told me,
looking at all those blooming Sakuras give her a feelings of “maboroshi”.
[ – illusion in Japanese, means unreal.]
That really reminds me all of the Japanese horror stories I’ve read in this long time.
(Currently reading Miyabe Miyuki’s “Tengu Kaze”.XD)

There were lots of stories & old legend about cherry blossom trees,
especially stories ‘bout “Kami Kakushi”~
[神隠し– means hidden by god.]
Sprite kidnapping kids and beautiful girls during cherry blossom full bloom season…
Freaky & mysterious huh?
Whatever, I’ll go experience it with my own eyes one day~^^


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  2. ma~、nice pics & nice article, though many grammar mistakes. XD…

    March 29, 2012 at 9:58 am

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