Few  days ago I was checking on Black Butler’s manga updates
and I saw some of  the fans was discussing which character have the best characteristic.
Sebastian was the winner.(as always..)

Well,I think all the characters in this manga owns unique personalities,
and that is one of the reason that makes this manga success to own so many readers.

The Undertaker was my favorite character among so many of them.
Mysterious background,strange personality,cool looking outfit
and handsome face hiding under long hair…
Really interesting~

I had a manga project during my previous semester
but we mess up the building process and the final work was quite screwed up..><

Blah~ Whatever.

I did a chibi undertaker silhouettes in AI.
Not bad right?XD
I wish I could draw it in full color and make it as shimeji…
But I’m still a newbie in AI..><
Maybe I’ll try it next time.=3


1 thought on “Manga~”

  1. 優ちゃん (Marion.Nette) 20 years old girl currently studying Multimedia Design and wish to become a Photographer or Illustrator .. Love books but always judge a book with its cover.. Thank you for following my blog and all the likes.

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