Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Where is my free tickets?!

Today has been a quite upset day for me.
Losing the competition was one of the reason that upset me..
‘Cause being a big fans of Tim Burton’s artwork for so many year’s
couldn’t won a simple sketching competition just to draw a dog…?
But this time winning wasn’t my main goal after I heard some of the seniors will also be participating.
However,it should be a very good experience for newbies like me.
Yet, what the organizer did really annoyed us.

The live sketching competition was held in our college
and organized by world-famous pencil making company from German.
The competition should be starting at 12.30 but they just keep talking and sell their products,
and in the end they cut off the time and left only 45min for us to draw..

All participators was told if they participated they’ll get free tickets for the movie.
Honestly,I participate ’cause I heard we could get free tickets,
but non of us get it..Not even the 8 finalist…

In the end of the contest,
I heard complaining from the participators..
and yes,I’m one of them too ’cause we felt we’ve been cheated…
Bad experience and memory.


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