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Nail Art DIY 5 – “Plant specimens” on your toes!

Yesterday , I was experimenting another nail art DIY
I’ve read on some Korean nail DIY books..
I was surprised by their creativity
because they used real fresh flowers to decorate their nails.

Yea yea,real fresh flowers that grow inside the garden~
not all those plastic 3D flowers or stickers…
& this is so damn cool cause your like having a “Plant specimens”
on your toes~

Don’t “wow” cause they already made this a new nail art trend in Korea quite long time ago~
and I was too lazy to try it until now,
cause I was having some blue feeling before my exams
so I was looking for something (other then reading my text books) to do …XDD
Here is what you need to make this DIY nail art success:
*you can do it on any base color,well because I was just experimenting
so I just put some base cote & then start sticking flowers on~XD
transparent nail polish/base cote/top cote
(anythings you can stick things on your nails and hold it long)
a tongs/toothpick
(anythings that can helps you to pick up the flower & flower petals as fast as you can,
cause fresh flower turns dry quickly)

we don’t want the flower pop off or out while we sticking it so
before you stick it on your toes,
make sure you squash it to make it flat so it can hole longer on your toes.

Well,when I read that book~
it told me to put the flower in the water for a few second,
I don’t know what is that for but I do tried it and my flower’s petals came out sticking together
so my advice,skip the water part..
So erm.. Here is my finished work:

Take a closer look:

sorry about my ugly toes…><

I used transparent nail polish (to stick the flowers on my toes)
&  some small purple flowers to made this,
they were from my garden~

I was thinking to make in more colorful but
I can only get purple flowers in this season…
(Yea! It’s autumn! XD)
You must be wondering:
” Hey,South East Asia don’t have seasons that other then summer aren’t they?o.O”
We do have seasons changing going on,
but this process doesn’t show clearly in our weather,
but on the plants around us…=)

So now go pick any pretty flowers that you can get in your garden before it gone & try this!


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