Life is like walking on a tightrope…

Bird Muderer…?

before I start my story,
I need to introduce my dog a bit~

I had a middle size dog name Teddy (Teddy Bear).
I’m not sure what breed he is but I think he might be a
Terrie cross mix + a Mix something dog..
(a purebred mix? XD)
which made him a super duper hyper active playful dog
that loves to bite things ,run & jump around the house..><

2 days ago,
my dog was making noise & barking in the afternoon..
so my mom ask me to free him in the garden & let him play himself ~
(my dog was chained in the corner of the garden.)
after letting him go,
I get back to my computer to continue photographs editing & my games.
while my mom was taking a nap in the living room..

after an hour,
my mom was awaken by this playful 9 month old puppy
cause he keeps stuffing his head into the door,
trying to come in and tell my mom something.
my mom ignores him but he keep doing this same action~

later then,my mom when out to the garden to pick up all the dry clothes ~
& she saw this:
poor little yellow dead bird lying on the grass~

who killed it?
the only suspicious things in the garden was
that happy bouncing jumping dog
with a lots of bird feathers around his mouth..

we try to get closer to check out the dead bird’s body,
& my puppy came around~
get the bird in his mouth and try to run away..==
aha~~yes,there comes the murderer trying to hide evidence …

so I started to yell at the dog,try to get that poor thing out from his mouth..
& this was the face he show me when I was scolding him:

guilty faces.
seems like he knew he did something wrong~

He (the dog) dug a big hole in the garden so we burred the little bird into it..

& the story ends with my mom grounded him for few weeks for punishment~
that means no more “adventure” in the garden..

Ps: I was wondering how can a dog catches an animal that usually flying in the air hm..?
I knew Terrie was a hunting breed but…
a bird? maybe is because my mom always train him to jump high~


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